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FENG SHUI: What Is It and How You Can Use It?


FENG SHUI: What Is It and How You Can Use It? 

5 Simple Tips For A Harmonized Home

Lexi Belton | Nov 21 2021

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science and philosophy of seeing us and the universe in an energy-balanced, harmonized way. The 5 elements of the universe are fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Each of these elements attract chi (either positive or negative energy). The key to effectively feng shui your space is to balance these elements.

1. Hide The Trash Cans

 <img src="cabinet.png" alt="black cabinet two drawers wood top">


Trash cans can bring clutter. Keeping a de-cluttered space is one of the most essential things to keep your space healthy and balanced. A good option is to simply put your trash can under a cabinet. If you’re a DIYer, you can also make your own roll out trash cabinet. This one is from Amazon


2. Always Keep The Toilet Lid Down 

Think about the purpose of a bathroom. We utilize the toilet and shower to cleanse ourselves and allow our bodies to deposit waste. The bathroom is where we leave all our filth and energy from the day. The reason you want to keep the toilet lid down is to prevent any energy from flowing down and back up into the air. 

3. Face Your Bed Diagonally & Across From The Door

 <img src="bed.png" alt="Queen size bed with surrounding houseplants ">


According to feng shui principles, you want your bed to be facing the door, but not directly in line with the door. If your headboard (and yes- you should have a headboard!) is along the same wall as the door, you’re put in a vulnerable position by not being able to see who’s coming in. If you put your bed directly across from the door - you’re in the person’s direct path, also putting you in a vulnerable position. You’ll also want to have 2 nightstands for the most balanced bed. They don’t have to be the exact same, but similar in size and weight.



4.Balance The Elements


 <img src="shelf.png" alt="White shelf with books and plants">


Remember that the 5 basic elements of feng shui are fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Here are the shapes and colors associated with each:


  • Wood : rectangles + columns, blue, green.
  • Metal :  round shapes, metallics, grey, white
  • Water : curved shapes, black, dark blue
  • Earth : square shapes + flat shapes, orange, yellow, brown
  • Fire : triangles + fiery red/orange


    Different directions of the home benefit from different elements. Figure out what’s important to you and design accordingly. I’m really into brass metal right now, so try a metal side table with wooden floating shelves. 

    Here’s a 2-for-1; do gather areas. A gather area is a space that’s intended for good conversation. Usually with a coffee table focal point with seating around it. Focus on rectangular/square seating if in the living room.  


    This is an example of a gather area:

     <img src="living room.png" alt="bright living room with fireplace">

    5. Plants + Plants + More Plants

     <img src="plants.png" alt="Potted and hanging houseplants in kitchen">


    Get a houseplant! If you already have one (or many) get another one! There are so many benefits of houseplants. A few houseplants for good energy are: 


    ✨ Peace Lily’s are not only air purifying but also thought to convert negative energy into positive energy. Perfect for a home office. 



     <img src="flower.png" alt="flowering peace lily close up">



    Jade Plants symbolize wealth and fortune. They are known as the “friendship plant” due to them being a perfect, practical housewarming gift. 

     <img src="plant.png" alt="small potted jade plant">



    ✨ Lucky Bamboo. Thought by feng shui experts to bring wise and peaceful energy into your home. 


     <img src="plant.png" alt="Small potted lucky bamboo plant">



    Feng Shui can feel overwhelming when you're first learning. Take it step by step and you'll notice things start to fall in place. Which one of these can you do today? 

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